Ecommerce Podcast: Social Commerce Innovations and More

August 4, 2011 by John Swords

In the most recent Ecommerce Podcast, host Shaun Ryan (the CEO of SLI Systems) interviewed our CEO, George Eberstadt, about recent innovations in social commerce and broader topics in Social, including the potential of Google+.  (This podcast series includes interviews with leaders in ecommerce to help educate online retailers on best practices and current trends.  Highly recommended!)

In discussing the state of social commerce, George noted that the quality of innovation in social commerce has increased substantially this year when compared to previous years: “After 10 years of very modest innovation in ecommerce, all of a sudden the innovation level is just exploding; new business models, new shopping tools, better shopping experiences… The macro trend is innovation…”

Sean also asked George his thoughts on the potential of Google+.  In considering the circles feature specifically, George noted that in his experience developing social commerce applications, “People do not want to deal with that level of granularity around permissioning. People want to manage their sharing and their social graph at the level of the complete network, not at the sub-network level.”