Forrester: Social marketing will move from test to mainstream in 2010

December 22, 2009 by George Eberstadt

A new Forrester report predicts that 2010 will be the break-out year for social marketing.  Online retailers, presumably, will be affected by this more than anyone.  Internet Retailer has a nice write-up of the report.  Forrester subscribers can get the full version.  Here’s the summary:

In 2009, the majority of interactive marketers tested Social Computing tactics, ranging from Facebook pages to blogs and communities. In 2010, marketers will move out of test phase and treat Social Computing as a mature channel, setting budgets and establishing formal listening and measurement plans. This maturation will push the value of Social Computing and its insights deep into company departments beyond marketing, setting up organizations to fully embrace Social Computing and becoming more transparent and interactive with consumers. As Social Computing matures, both marketers and vendors will feel pressure to not only prove its profitability but also ensure consumer privacy.