Who’s shopping for what this Friday?

November 19, 2018 by Belinda Blakley

Curious what shoppers will be buying the most this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? TurnTo recently polled shoppers on which categories they shop for online. Using this data, we can make some predictions into where shoppers will be spending their money this holiday weekend.

Overall, clothing is the highest category shopped online by far amongst all demographics.

I guess the gifts of socks and itchy wool sweaters will always be popular choices.

After clothing, electronics comes in a close second for most shopped online items overall. We expect those people will certainly be shopping on Cyber Monday for extra deals!

Even though electronics comes in second overall, when broken down by gender, men will be the ones shopping more for electronics while women will spend their money on beauty including skincare and housewares.

Broken down by age groups, 25-39-year old’s will shop the most this holiday season online, while those 50 years old and over will shop the least online.

Hungry for more research? Look for more shopping trend reports from TurnTo, coming soon!

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