Free Report: 2019 State of Customer-Generated Content

November 29, 2018 by Belinda Blakley

The TurnTo team has developed a free eBook about online shopper behavior as related to customer-generated content (also called CGC or UGC), such as ratings & reviews, customer images & video, and shopper Q&A.

The 2019 State of Customer-Generated Content is loaded with analysis and insights, as well as action items that you can implement immediately to improve your eCommerce store’s CGC, increase site traffic, lift conversion rates, and boost your repeat purchase rate.

Here’s a taste of the original research and insights contained within:

  • For many shoppers, high-quality CGC is as or more important than good shipping and returns policies.
  • Most are looking at CGC to understand product performance, purchaser satisfaction, and product quality.
  • 74% of shoppers say that the presence of CGC influences them to buy on one site over another.
  • Most shoppers can be swayed to purchase a more expensive item if it has a higher star rating than a similar, less expensive item.
  • Shoppers trust each other more than brand experts.

There’s plenty more data, trends, and best practices to discover.

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